Learning the piano is not about becoming a pianist
Recently, the Sixth Asian Youth Music Competition was held in Hong Kong. More than 150 piano players from more than 10 countries and regions in the world have been competing fiercely for several days, and finally they have been expelled from the awards of 9 groups, including youth group, youth group, children group, Chinese works group A and double Piano Group. What is the competition of piano? How to select new talent better? The game left us a lot of inspiration.
You don't have to be a pianist to learn the piano
In this competition, the children's group is the most eye-catching. The children's childish faces and skilful playing skills not only attract a lot of attention, but also make people sigh that there are successors of piano art. Yang Ruijia, a 13-year-old girl from Guizhou, won the first place in the children's group. She has been learning piano for 8 years. In 2014, she performed Mozart's Piano Concerto No.4 in G major with Chen Zuohuang, music director of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, at the "special concert for finding golden prize winners of Mozart Piano Competition". This time, she won the first prize and took a step towards her dream of becoming a pianist.
Nowadays, in China, more and more children are learning piano, and their age is getting younger and younger. And all kinds of piano competitions undoubtedly become an extremely important display platform and measurement standard. Bao Huiqiao, a famous pianist, national first-class actor and consultant of China Musicians Association, said that nowadays, there are so many piano competitions. As far as the international first-class piano competition is concerned, the difficulty is deepening and the requirements for the comprehensive quality of the players are increasing day by day. "Players need to understand the composer's intention, grasp the styles of different composers and the styles of the same composer in different periods, and also require players to combine technology with music and highlight their personal characteristics." 'the competition provides a platform and you don't have to worry too much about the results, 'she said. Chen zhaoxun, a music educator in Hong Kong, also pointed out that we should improve our cultural accomplishment while learning music, especially by reading the history of music.
Learning piano should not be too utilitarian, which has become the appeal of the industry and experts. In the current "Piano fever", there is also a phenomenon of impetuousness. Many piano students are busy taking the grade examination and participating in various competitions. Some experts have pointed out that learning piano doesn't have to be a pianist. It brings more subtle gains to children. Chen zhaoxun said that learning piano can cultivate a person's aesthetic and moral character, and improve the width and depth of thinking.
Teach children to understand the true meaning of music
Since 2002, the Asian Youth Music Competition has selected a lot of new talents, some of which are still outstanding in the international arena. As a competition held once every three years, this year has also undergone fierce competition. Finally, Huang Siyuan from Hong Kong won the first place in the youth group. Huang bosiyuan not only needs to prepare his repertoire when he reads the music. "The more you understand the background of the repertoire, the more you can integrate your own thinking into it." Huang Siyuan said.
It is not only local players from Hong Kong, but also players from all over the world. Zhang Huiyuan, President of the Korean piano Association, said that the competition is not only a good opportunity for the contestants, but also for the judges.
Wu Tianyan, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Youth Music Competition and President of bass music group, said that the competition has increased the number of contestants from Germany, the United States and other countries, and the judges are also from the world, so it is more authoritative. "It is hoped that the competition will radiate from Asia to the world and become an important international event. More importantly, we hope to promote music culture, popularize piano art, understand the needs of the grassroots and do a good job in music education
With more and more similar piano competitions being held, more attention has shifted from the competition itself to music popularization and education. Zhang Huiyuan said that South Korea's piano education emphasizes elitism, but it has not done enough in music popularization education. "Music resources should be used to popularize music for the public and children, so that children can start learning music from an early age, and more music talents will emerge."
Li Mingqiang, chairman of the Judging Committee of the competition and professor of Shanghai Conservatory of music, said that "Piano Education in China mainly includes two
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Development trend forecast of Chinese musical instrument industry from 2015 to 2020
"In today's domestic and foreign markets are relatively mature, we are looking for new market growth points. To increase the existing market and make the cake bigger is the direction of joint efforts of the entire musical instrument industry." Zeng Zemin, Secretary General of China Musical Instrument Association, said that after nearly 30 years of rapid development, China's musical instrument industry has passed the "barbaric era" of the primary stage, and the traditional musical instrument market has been close to saturation. The next step for the musical instrument industry is to carry out research and development of emerging markets and characteristic markets. Zeng Zemin's view is basically consistent with the results of music industry statistics. In 2013, the overall scale of the music industry was 271.6 billion yuan, including 57.7 billion yuan of music education and training industry. Among the music education and training industry, 81% were grade examination training industry, 13% were art examination music training industry, and 6% were other training industries.
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Primary school students hold piano solo concert
On the evening of February 18, he Zihe, a fifth grade student of Jiaoling experimental primary school, held the first piano solo concert in the cultural and sports activity center of Jiaoling County, attracting more than 300 audiences.
In the piano concert with the theme of "Xiao He Jian Jian", he Zihe played 12 famous piano pieces at home and abroad, such as "chasing the moon with clouds", "Rhapsody in Croatia", "hummingbird". The piano music was graceful and pleasant, which won the applause of the audience.
It is understood that he Zihe began to learn piano at the age of 5, won the second prize of Guangdong competition area in 2014 "Liszt" Hong Kong International open; won the first prize of children's group and the second prize of Guangdong competition area in 2014 "little golden bell" Yangtze River Piano national open; won the first prize of youth group in Meizhou competition area in 2015 the second Yamaha national piano competition at the age of 11.
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